Blogging Corner Carnival #1

Welcome to the February 2, 2009 edition of edna’s blogging corner carnival.

Challenges and Events

Sue Wyatt (Miss W.) presents Running a student blogging competition posted at Miss W. and her Smartboard, saying, “Just a few hints for running a blogging competition. We will be beginning another new one in March this year 2009. Keep a lookout on my class blog, personal blog and in the edublogger.”

Dianne McKenzie presents The name of the game. posted at Library Grits.

Paul McMahon presents Could the Antipodeans be Missing an Opportunity in this Region? posted at An Expat Educator in Asia, saying, “Could the Asian region represent a world of opportunities for Aussie teachers with 1:1 experience?”

Kerrie presents Improving Your Blogging With The 31 Day Project! posted at Mobile Technology in TAFE, saying, “The edublogger, Sue Waters, is recommending that, particularly if you are new to blogging, you think about participating in this challenge. Follow the links on her post.”

Alison Hall presents 365 Photo Challenge posted at All in Bits and Pieces, saying, “At the end of 2008 I started to look for a challenge that would keep me active with my PLN and broaden my PLE. I came across the idea of 365 Photo project and decided I’d give it a go.”

Kerrie presents Reading for pleasure posted at You are Never Alone, saying, “Reading for pleasure is such an important part of developing literacy. But students need role models at home and at school. Think about the Premier’s Reading Challenge in your state this year.”

Lee King presents » 2008 » May ICT@Mt Waverley Primary posted at ICT@Mt Waverley Primary.

pennyryder presents A New Meme – 5 Things That Make My School Unique posted at Teaching Challenges.

Classroom Blogs

Sue Wyatt (Miss W.) presents Our year in review posted at Technology in our classroom, saying, “This post looks at how our class used blogging and other web2.0 tools throughout the year 2008.”

Christina presents Half Day Kindergarten vs. Full Day Kindergarten posted at Early Childhood Teacher, saying, “This is set up more like a discussion about half day kindergarten vs full day kindergarten. I am curious to see if half day kindergarten still exists especially with how much kindergarten has changed”

Personal Blogs

Kerrie presents How will the retirement of baby-boomer teachers impact? posted at You are Never Alone, saying, “Australian education systems this year will feel the impact of the retirement of many of the baby boomers. True baby boomers, born from 1946 onwards, turned 60 from the beginning of 2006. They have begun retiring and that will impact on our schools in particular in many ways.”

Paul Stewart presents Spine posted at Caliban’s End, saying, “The blog ‘Caliban’s End’ chronicles the creative process of publishing a novel. The blog contains posts about all sorts of things including using tech to assist the writing process. Before becoming a card-carrying geek (and eLearning consultant) I was an English teacher. One drowsy Friday afternoon back in 1998 one of my students suggested to me that I should try my hand at writing a book. It took me a while but ‘What Lies Beneath’ is my attempt to fulfill the promise I made that one day I would.”

Chris Grist presents Virtulisation in Schools posted at Chris Grist.

Kim Flintoff presents Managing “Virtual Distance”: an educational perspective. posted at Dramatech Space.

Kerrie presents Just sprinkling technology on the top? posted at You are Never Alone, saying, “How do we go about ensuring that technology is really embedded in the new national curriculum?”

Alison Hall presents Dr. Michael Webb and the MMGS posted at Alison Hall’s blog, saying, “School aged students are almost constantly immersed in an entertainment media environment. This in turn has a great impact for classroom listening habits. Enter Dr. Michael West and “The Music Motion Graphics Sequence (MMGS)” and cross media listening in the music classroom.”

Frances Moore presents Holidays and Seahorses! posted at WebQuest Blog.

Penny Ryder presents The Challenges of Teaching posted at Teaching Challenges.


Gladstone B. Alves presents Ubiquitous technology and infornography posted at (Dis)Interaction, saying, “A pretty wide account of the “infornography” phenomenum + of some effects ubiquitous technology has on work habits, lifestyles and, as a result, on mental and physical health.”

Gladstone B. Alves presents Social Media + Infornography + Humane Interfaces – (Dis)Interaction posted at (Dis)Interaction, saying, “Despite the desired social media literacy it’s also important that the tools itself be designed more in the direction of helping even the literate (social media) user to filter the noise and to focus content over style.”

Gladstone B. Alves presents Designing Social Interaction Tools – (Dis)Interaction posted at (Dis)Interaction, saying, “I don’t know if current social interaction tools are humane to the point we can make that journey through another mind in the light of other ideas, including some that we have fashioned from ourselves from our own experience.”

Alison Ruth presents Wiki Pedagogy in colour | Vicarious Conversations posted at Vicarious Conversations, saying, “A first attempt of visualising how a wiki pedagogy would look.”

Useful Tools

Sue Wyatt (Miss W.) presents Improving our Skype calls posted at Technology in our classroom, saying, “This post followed two skype calls. Students discussed how we could improve and what needed to happen when new classes began skyping.”

Jean Anning presents Issuu makes me look clever | open the door… posted at open the door…, saying, “Just think how many ways you and your students could use this.”

Marie presents Relief for Relief Teachers posted at Learning Curve, saying, “tips, advice and resources for relief teachers.”

Penny Ryder presents Tech Tips Tuesday posted at Teaching Challenges.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of edna’s blogging corner carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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