edna’s blogging corner carnival #2

Welcome to the March 2, 2009 edition of edna’s blogging corner carnival.

Challenges and Events

Kerrie presents Teach Paperless posted at You are Never Alone, saying, “We have talked for many years about going paperless, but how are we going in getting there?”

Dianne McKenzie presents Crazy Busy posted at Library Grits.

Paul McMahon presents Is Strong Leadership in Education Coming Anytime Soon? posted at An Expat Educator in Asia, saying, “This is a reflection from an Australian teacher trying to work with schools in Asia to consider shifting away from a reliance on very formal teaching and testing. There are a lot of parallels for teachers in Australia and other parts of the world.”

Paul Stewart presents ‘I hardly know any of them.’ posted at Contemporary Learning, saying, “This posts describes the incredible response I witnessed to a wiki that was set up to quickly provide goods and services to bushfire victims.”

Classroom Blogs

Alison Hall presents Blogging with students posted at Alison Hall’s blog, saying, “So why blog with students? In this post I share my thoughts on blogging as a genre, why blogging can be engaging for students, what guise a classroom blog may take and also some blogs of note.”

Teresa McNamara presents From the “Earth” group – Year 5 2008 posted at In Mrs Mc Namara’s Class…, saying, “There’s more where this came from. This is part of my class’ work on “What Christmas Present Should We Give The Earth?” from term 4 2008.”

Christina presents Classroom Blogging posted at Early Childhood Teacher, saying, “This blog is about classroom blogging and the benefits blogging allows teachers to communicate with parents and other educators.”

Personal Blogs

Ryan Tracey presents Connectivism and the modern learner posted at E-Learning in the Corporate Sector, saying, “Applying theory to practice.”

KerryJ presents Days of Our PUBLIC Lives posted at KerryJ’s Neotenous Tech.

Useful Tools

Judith Way presents » Google Lit Trips Bright ideas posted at Bright ideas, saying, “This post was about a tool called ‘Google Lit Trips’. By downloading Google Earth, students could then map any journeys taken by characters in the book they were studying.”

Maeve presents Is the Librarian on duty? « The Fridge posted at The Fridge, saying, “”Many libraries with a significant online presence have a feature on their web pages that invites users to contact them with their queries.” Discusses the use of accessibility tools including Meebo in a blog.”

Jean Anning presents Bushfire! posted at CMIS Evaluation, saying, “Written by Robyn Cain this post featured on one of the 5 group blogs maintained by CMIS”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of edna’s blogging corner carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Thanks to all those Blogging Corner participants as well as the non-blogging Corner participants who contributed to this months post 🙂

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